Happy Feet

One of my favorite adult things (besides staple removers) is definitely shoe repair.

I never wanted to hug soup until I met the adorableness that is matzah balls.

Good news!

It appears that the city is once again habitable to human life! First walk home without a jacket!


I still basically think it's sorcery that I can stick my hand in the air and someone will appear and take me wherever I want to go.

They're back in town.

We're fair weather friends, but the good kind! ❤️

Armed and Ready for Battle

It may be a rainy city pit of despair out there, but I am ready!

Project Management

I have assessed the challenges and opportunities for the remainder of the week and would like to propose a plan.

Recipe for a Masterpiece

My favorite six-year-old friend is a ballerina who happens to appreciate unicorns and rainbows. This drawing was obviously necessary.


Sometimes the friendly bakery people sneak an extra of my favorite treat in my bag. They likely don't know that I think the best treat is actually their secret kindness.


Creative block is real, guys. It's a constant struggle/snuggle.

So proud.

*Goes outside. Crosses street while remaining upright the entire time. Feels proud of self.

It's time!

Sorry to throw sprinkles on your grumble parade, but I am SO psyched about the more sunshine thing. Let's go save daylight!!

Amanda's Guide to Layering

If you can still move your appendages, you're not doing it right.

Refined Dining

The whole "you can't buy happiness" thing is a hoax, you guys. They sell it downtown.

So much smartness

I just used algebra in real life!! I'm pretty sure the excessive degree of smartness I felt for those 5 minutes made the 7 years of learning it totally worth it.

Cute in form AND function

I know you don't think that they are adorable, but those pretty steam vents that help the clouds get back in the sky are one of my favorite city things.

Prepare to be Conquered

I see you, city mountains of snow crud and puddles of indeterminate depth, but you are no match for my adorable snow boots!


I just got my new blind-people-seeing-tiny-things glasses, and now I CAN READ EMOJI!

Good Times

My family came to visit and we had adventure time, non-adventure time, and yay-birthday-brownie time.


I drew myself a picture about my new best smelling candle ever, but then I realized that, unfortunately, cartoon me never has a nose.

Job Perks

Have you pondered lately how awesome it is that astronauts get to be giant floating marshmallows for a living?


This week's wi-fi password was Seashore.


Yes, yes I will have iced coffee even though it is snowing. Thanks, unnecessarily judgmental coffee shop guy.

Blue Sky

This past week's work wifi password was bluesky! Such a cheerful internet.

Star Fish

I couldn't decide which starfish pun to do for my last drawing, so here is the other one! He'll sign autographs later.

The cuteness continues...

This past week's adorable wi-fi password at work was starfish, who is pictured here with bff moonfish.

'Tis the Seaso-n

Every year at the holidays we have a silent auction at work. The stuff up for sale is art, made by anyone who wants to contribute. This year, our organizer had the fun idea of an assignment of sorts. Since we work at Nickelodeon, she took the first letter from our logo and had a bunch of them made out of wood (the forms were about 5 in tall). They were then distributed to the artists to do with them as they pleased.

So, here was my contribution— a gard n. It's made of cut paper.

What's the Password, Cont.

The office guest wi-fi passwords continue to be adorable, so I will continue to draw them! Last week was snowflake:

What's the password?

Our office guest wi-fi cycles through the cutest passwords—moonbeam, dewdrop...
I think I may start drawing them. This week is sunrise!

Random Adventures in a Faraway Land

Brooklyn was hiding this enchanted secret garden in an adorable tiny coffee shop, but we accidentally found it!

An embarrassment to humanity

True story: if you knew how mind-blowingly difficult I find it to wrap presents, you would likely lose all respect you may have for me as a human being.