When I get all steamed up, hear me shout...

...just kidding; I'm pretty zen.

Let's Pow Wow!

For this year's silent auction at work I did another cut paper piece. He's 11 x 14 inches tall, and I mounted him between two panes of glass and put a sheet of glitter paper under the glass behind him.

In progress:

What, now you want pillow space too?

You do know you're not a people, right?

Build me up...

Today a colleague popped in and asked if we buttercups were done with the conference room, which I found to be extremely delightful.

So ready.

Tell me why Halloween isn't one of the happiest things ever invented? 

This little light of mine...

After narwhals, anglerfish are the second coolest sea creature because having a light bulb attached to your head is awesome.

Awww yeah, ruffle time!

Big news, people! My glorious new hoodie has many giant ruffles AND yet is also reasonably societally acceptable, and I am very excited about the situation.


It's took a while, but I finally forgave red pandas for not actually being pandas. Carry on with existing, little buddies.

A Darinig Feat

If you've never wrestled an angry cat down a ladder, you're missing out on a unique life experience.

Basically the same things.

Last year this idea failed so hard as a drawing that the art police should have taken away my license, but now with animation it kinda works! Rescued!

Now you know

If you're curious about the science behind eclipses, I have created a highly accurate rendering of how it works.

Fo' Realz

I never thought about how narwhals are real, and this means that we live in a world with legit fishy unicorns, which is totally awesome.


From Nickelodeon Magazine to Nick Digital, it's been ten years of working with—I am sure—the smartest, kindest, awesomest people there are to work with. HUGS FOR EVERYBODY!

Pandas From the Back

I traced a photo of a real panda to ensure that this would be scientifically accurate.

Part of that world...

You can keep your sea witch voice suck thing; Mermanda is only up here for the ice cream.

She's Alive!!!

Go, flat Amanda, go!

Kitty Roll

Oh, I am so cute, don't you want to pet my tummy? Btw. touch my tummy and I will slay you mercilessly.

My work here is done.

*Walks into store. Buys all the polka dot wrapping paper. Walks out.


Let's pause on the whole adulting thing for today and all go frolic in the park.

Dog walker meets dog walker

I couldn't make out all the details of the epic dog herd collision, but, given all the barking and yelling, I'm sure a good time was had by all.

Pretty pretty

Today was community day at work! We got to wear pretty matching t-shirts and work in the park!

Cha Cha Cha

Sometimes I have random cravings to draw particular things, and this time it was a dancing bear. It's like being hungry, but weirder.

Happy Feet

One of my favorite adult things (besides staple removers) is definitely shoe repair.

I never wanted to hug soup until I met the adorableness that is matzah balls.

Good news!

It appears that the city is once again habitable to human life! First walk home without a jacket!


I still basically think it's sorcery that I can stick my hand in the air and someone will appear and take me wherever I want to go.

They're back in town.

We're fair weather friends, but the good kind! ❤️

Armed and Ready for Battle

It may be a rainy city pit of despair out there, but I am ready!

Project Management

I have assessed the challenges and opportunities for the remainder of the week and would like to propose a plan.

Recipe for a Masterpiece

My favorite six-year-old friend is a ballerina who happens to appreciate unicorns and rainbows. This drawing was obviously necessary.


Sometimes the friendly bakery people sneak an extra of my favorite treat in my bag. They likely don't know that I think the best treat is actually their secret kindness.


Creative block is real, guys. It's a constant struggle/snuggle.

So proud.

*Goes outside. Crosses street while remaining upright the entire time. Feels proud of self.

It's time!

Sorry to throw sprinkles on your grumble parade, but I am SO psyched about the more sunshine thing. Let's go save daylight!!

Amanda's Guide to Layering

If you can still move your appendages, you're not doing it right.

Refined Dining

The whole "you can't buy happiness" thing is a hoax, you guys. They sell it downtown.

So much smartness

I just used algebra in real life!! I'm pretty sure the excessive degree of smartness I felt for those 5 minutes made the 7 years of learning it totally worth it.

Cute in form AND function

I know you don't think that they are adorable, but those pretty steam vents that help the clouds get back in the sky are one of my favorite city things.

Prepare to be Conquered

I see you, city mountains of snow crud and puddles of indeterminate depth, but you are no match for my adorable snow boots!