You can get my animated emoji for your texts!

He's always there when I need him.

I'm glad we're friends, coffee. Some days I particularly appreciate your encouragement and support.

Pinky Swear

I know I overuse the word magical, but guys, someone stuffed Lincoln Center full of balloons and I promise that there is not a better adjective for this situation.


Not only is this bakery cute and full of yummy treats, it also has BENDY STRAWS for your iced coffee, and I happen to be a huge fan of bendy straws.

Treats to the rescue!

The exhibit we wanted to see was closed, but then we got treats and the adventure was saved!

I see the logic.

"No! Do not put those ice cubes on that pizza!" —my friend
"But it's hot!" —his kid
"LOL" —me

It's official!!

Licensed and coming soon to an app store near you!

Champion of Cute

Have you seen the olympic mascot?? Gold medal in adorableness.

Curling Stone Cuteness

Pretty psyched for curling 'cause those giant puck things have got to be the cutest sporting accessory ever invented.

Yeah, running with fire.

How fun would it be to carry the torch? Except the relay running part. And the stairs part. And maybe the whole "athlete" part...

So Ready

Go, 'Murica, go!

Hipper than a Hipster

"Your style is so cool," I told the dude at the doughnut shop. He was so excited. "Aw, thanks!! You just made my day!!"

Adorablness Alert

Random declaration of my love for the little red balloon mosaics on the walls at the new 72nd st stop on the Q.

Sign me up.

Pretty drinks and fried sugary treats? My heart is calling and I must go.

Here is what my milk tea rose latte actually looked like:


That feeling when you think you've just missed the train but the conductor sees you running and holds the doors that last extra second so you don't have to wait another 20 minutes.

Look out, world.

My parents got me a suitcase for my birthday! I'm ready for my next adventure!

Happy birthday to meeeeee...

My parents came to visit for my birthday and brought treats!


"Dreams Dough Come True," says the neon sign at the edible cookie dough shop.

Sneaky little donut licker.

I turned my back for 10 seconds!

Yeah, hook me up!

"Birthday stickers!" declared my friends' two-year-old. She wanted to hold the sheet, but couldn't get them off and also didn't want any help putting them on. Fortunately the complicated logistics didn't impede the good time had by both parties.


Yesterday was such a colorful day! 

Rainbow world!!

Will be sure to post a positive review.

Scored an awesome coupon for my friend's 7-year-old's art sale, and we were both pretty excited about my purchases.

The colors, man, the colors

For a hot second the color and light arranged themselves such that my street corner seemed like a painting.

Sweet Moment, indeed

My adventure buddies and I enjoyed photographing our cute drinks as much as we did drinking them!

Shake Shake Shake v2

"Sounds like a new drawing —happy purple-haired Amanda in a snow globe. I can imagine it being sold in 'I <3 NY' souvenir stores," said Kate, when she heard me commenting that the world looked like a snow globe from our office window.

Team work makes the dream work.

I was standing by the window trying to get the perfect shot of the rainbow glitter snow globe in front of the city, but the magic didn't happen until my friend Yong Hwa supported my quest by coming over and offering to hold it so we could get the angle just right.

Shake Shake Shake

It may be a bit of a yuckfest on the streets, but from up here it seems like quite the delightful snow globe situation. 


Colored pencils on a paper bag = good times.

*Concentrates really hard...

Must. Do. Adulting... Must. Not. Purchase. Senselessly, Giant. Stuffed. Cupcake...

Form over function

The coffee here is just ok, but the place they built to drink it in is soooo lovely that sometimes I forgive it.

A plausible hypothesis.

"Purple hair? What, did you eat too many blueberries?" --the office cleaning woman

Game face on

Every year around v-day this sweet little restaurant gets all romantic and I think it's adorable.

The thing is seriously so cute.

I have the cutest stuffed snowman ever because one day little Amanda plucked it off the walmart shelf, and, even though it was no particular occasion, her parents supported adopting it.

The good ol' days

Every so often I get back together with my old friend, colored pencils, and we always have such a good time.

Matching Cuteness

Saw a dog who had dressed its human in a matching outfit, which somehow more than doubled the adorableness of the situation.

So handsome

One more shot of the city flaunting its handsomeness yesterday...


I was just crossing the street and all of the sudden I was in this golden glitter wonderland that was so pretty my brain almost exploded.

We ain't 'fraid of no snow

Even if they are a little crusty.

Probably the most charming thing about working in Times Square is how the bits of leftover rainbow confetti sneak into the office in the days after new year's.

The future is bright.

The psychic down the street just went all in on the rainbow neon. I obviously approve, particularly of the diagram that depicts the soul as a series of rainbow bubbles. I'm pretty sure that's what my soul looks like.

The great chase

The bakery man is so nice that he chased me halfway down the block when he realized that he gave me the wrong sandwich.